Tiefenbacher Group is keeping you updated on the ongoing renovation of our headquarters at the Port of Hamburg in Germany.

This month we reopened our 3rd floor and we are happy to present you some of the results of the remodeling.

Our office is becoming a state-of-the-art and innovative workspace that reflects our culture of entrepreneurship, professionalism, and openness. The open-plan concept encourages creativity, collaboration, and teamwork among our employees. Overall, the interior is airy, transparent, and flooded with light.

The modernization also allowed us to integrate new decorative elements into the workspace. By this we also take the chance to represent the connection to our location in India. When installing the Tuk-tuk, some of our colleagues had to lend a hand and drag the vehicle up the stairs to the upper floor. This involved a lot of sweating and swearing. In the end, it was successfully put in its place and now stands there looking very inviting.

We are convinced that the new premises directly on the banks of the Elbe offer a great working environment that also promotes the growth and well-being of our employees. As hybrid working and working from home have become the new normal for many people, Tiefenbacher is keen to keep its workspace at the cutting edge.

Finally we would like to thank all the helpers once again. Naturally we are looking forward to showing you more pictures as soon as the final 4th floor is completed. The full modernization of our headquarters is expected to be completed later this year. We will keep you updated on the progress and look forward to welcoming you to our new offices soon!

Tiefenbacher Group renovation of our headquarters
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