Tiefenbacher Group raises awareness of autism on today's World Autism Awareness Day.

The aim of World Autism Awareness Day is to draw attention to the needs and lifelong struggles of autistic people worldwide. It was founded on 2 April 2007 by the United Nations General Assembly. This year is being held across Europe under the motto “Not Invisible”. What does “not invisible” mean for autistic people?

Autism is often portrayed as an “invisible disability”. This “invisibility” repeatedly leads to marginalisation in society: parents who are punished with glances because their child breaks social rules. Children and young people who are accused of “not wanting to” and overlooked when it is a matter of “not being able to”. Adults who have to conform at all costs and go far beyond their own limits. Basically it is up to our society to make the needs of autistic people visible and to address them.

In light of this day, we also want to highlight that ADHD is often co-occurring with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), affecting up to 40-50% of people with ASD. With OYSTA, we aim to improve the health of people with these and other conditions through individualized dosing, safe medication management, and treatment support.

However, OYSTA is a cooperation between Tiefenbacher Group and OnDosis. Overall we want to revolutionize how patients take their medicines by combining pharmaceuticals and e-health technology. Thus every individual gets precisely the right dose of the medicine they need in a simpler, more comfortable way via a connected handheld device (under development) and digital solution.

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