State-of-the-art R&D facilities for powerful drug development and manufacturing. New technology for generic, valued added, and innovative pharmaceuticals

We, at Tiefenbacher Group, go beyond R&D and manufacturing of pharmaceuticals with a commitment to quality, safety, and reliability that is anchored in everything we do. We continuously expand in novel technologies and capabilities to improve quality and boost productivity for powerful drug developement. Therefore we are pleased to announce that the foundation stone for one of our new Tiefenbacher Laboratories buildings has now been laid.

The new development block “Alfred”, named after the company founder Alfred E. Tiefenbacher, will provide 3360 m². In particularly, the building offers three floors of space for our new product development laboratory, the analysis laboratory, administrative offices and a canteen for employees. Moreover the complex is an important extension to the recently inaugurated development block for highly potent drugs.

This expansion also enables the Tiefenbacher Group to create the best technological conditions and at the same time a high degree of flexibility in the development of generics, value-added products and innovative medicines.

The building will take shape over the next few months and will be ready to be fully operational in about one year.

This investment follows Tiefenbacher Group’s strategy to strengthen its position as a global, fully integrated pharmaceutical company. With Tiefenbacher Laboratories, we own a state-of-the-art R&D and manufacturing site located in Hyderabad, India, for developing and producing high-quality pharmaceuticals including highly potent drugs.

The facilities are equipped with the most modern technologies and software and are subject to the strictest international quality standards. That also includes European (EMA) and US (FDA) approvals. Look forward to more updates on the progress in the coming months.

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