Tiefenbacher Group: Renovating Headquarters in Hamburg /Germany – an agile, open-plan work space

Tiefenbacher Group is renovating the Headquarters in Hamburg for flexible working while maintaining the importance of the office as a place for collaboration and personal interaction.

Did you know that Tiefenbacher Group is currently renovating its headquarters in Hamburg, Germany as a response to the novel ways of working? We are excited to share the first results of the restructuring and are pleased to bring the first changes to life. The newly designed building will be a modern and innovative workspace that reflects our culture of entrepreneurship, professional excellence, and openness. The open-floor concept promotes creativity, collaboration, and teamwork among our employees. Also, the office concept provides for a maximum democratic approach in all the rooms, including the management stuff rooms. Additionally, the modernization allowed us for the new branding elements to be incorporated into the workspace. We believe that the new space, right on the banks of the river Elbe, provides a great working environment that supports the growth and wellbeing of our employees at the same time. With hybrid and at-home work the new normal for many people, Tiefenbacher wants to keep its workspace relevant and up to date.

Watch our short video to see the first changes with our new flexible work space. The interior turned out to be generally airy, transparent, filled with light. We´ll keep you posted on the progress and look forward to welcoming you to our new office space soon! The full modernization at our headquarters is expected to be completed in 2024.

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