We at TIEFENBACHER GROUP appreciate the diversity of our colleagues very much and are happy to celebrate their local traditions together. In the culture of our Chinese partners and colleagues, a certain animal of the Chinese zodiac is assigned to each year. This year is the year of the rabbit. Watch our colleague Danna from China sharing short Lunar New Year greetings in her local language!

About Tiefenbacher Group– Pioneering Healthcare since 1963 
Tiefenbacher Group is a purpose-driven and 100% family-owned healthcare company providing best-in-class solutions along the entire pharmaceutical value chain. From the initial idea to market access of high-quality medicines  around the world: We distribute APIs and develop, produce, and register finished dosage forms (FDFs) including highly potent drugs as well as medical devices. Our goal is to improve people’s lives by making pharmaceuticals more affordable, more available, and better than ever before.  

For further information about our solutions for better healthcare and our in-house capabilities to develop and commercialize pharmaceutical products for global markets (including highly potent drugs) please contact us by email atinfo@tiefenbacher.com