TIEFENBACHER GROUP becomes member of the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Initiative (PSCI) – contribution to make life better for people and planet

We at TIEFENBACHER GROUP are committed to promote sustainable and responsible business along the whole pharmaceutical supply chain. That’s why we are excited to become a member of PSCI – a non-profit business membership organization striving for better social, health, safety, and environmental outcomes in pharmaceutical supply chains. It follows our company´s strategy to make medicines better affordable, better available, and better than before in a sustainable way – better for people and the planet!

PSCI is a group of international pharmaceutical and healthcare companies who share together the vision of responsible supply chains. The organization was founded in 2006 and is legally established in the United States. Today PSCI already counts 63 members. For more information about the organization have a look at: PSCI.

About Tiefenbacher Group – Pioneering Healthcare since 1963

Tiefenbacher Group is a purpose-driven and 100% family-owned healthcare company providing best-in-class solutions along the entire pharmaceutical value chain. From the initial idea to market access of high-quality medicines around the world: We distribute APIs and develop, produce, and register finished dosage forms (FDFs) including highly potent drugs as well as medical devices. Our purpose is to improve people’s lives by making pharmaceuticals more affordable, more available, and better than ever before.

For further information about TIEFENBACHER GROUP and our solutions for better healthcare and our in-house capabilities to develop and commercialize pharmaceutical products for global markets (including highly potent drugs) please contact us by email at info@tiefenbacher.com or visit us on:  www.tiefenbachergroup.com