Black Fungus (Mucormycosis) is dramatically spreading in India connected to the extensive 2nd COVID-19 wave. The highly life-threatening disease usually occurs as a rare disease in immunocompromised patients. However, many patients who have survived their COVID-19 infection with the help of external oxygen support are now affected by black fungus. Physicians in India believe that an inadequate oxygen supply of COVID-19 patients may be the reason for this dangerous development.

With Posaconazole tablets Tiefenbacher produces one of the most effective treatments against Black Fungus and is now supporting India to push back this disease fast. “When we heard about the problems with Black Fungus in India we directly decided to change our production plans and produce as fast as possible Posaconazole tablets for India. We hope to be able to help as many Black Fungus patients as fast as possible.” says Oliver Schrader, Joint Managing Director of TIEFENBACHER GROUP.