After more than five years in operation, TIEFENBACHER GROUP will transfer its medical device business into a new stand-alone company: TIEFENBACHER MEDICAL DEVICES.

The launch follows TIEFENBACHER GROUP´s strategy to offer better patient therapies by combining established drug-based medicines with medical devices & digital health. TIEFENBACHER MEDICAL DEVICES is focused on medical devices for respiratory treatments and multiple other innovative drug-device combination products for individualized treatments in globally relevant disease areas.

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TIEFENBACHER MEDICAL DEVICES is developing medical devices as part of combination products and offering eHealth solutions where relevant. We leverage the full potential during drug-device combination product developments and keep people safe and healthy by maximizing treatment outcomes while minimizing healthcare spends. Driven by patient demands, we are managing the entire innovative process from concept to market entry and create healthcare opportunities across the globe as well as accelerating routes to market.

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