We are proud and happy to announce that our construction of a new school building which is located close to our facility in Hyderabad, India, has now been completed. It was officially inaugurated by our AET Laboratories team together with the Hamburg management, Oliver Schrader and Dr. Kristian Ruepp.

As a value-driven healthcare company, dedicated to improve the life of patients worldwide, we believe that it´s our responsibility to care about the environment and society – especially in the countries in which we operate. With this initiative we give children from the neighborhood the chance to have a better future through better education.

The school in Gaddapotharam Village will initially accommodate more than 200 students from class 1 to 5. The new school building is on par with the corporate schools in the city in terms of infrastructure and equipment, according to government officials at the Ministry of Education. The event was covered by the local / national media and grabbed the attention of the people for the valued contribution by Tiefenbacher Group to the society.

For Tiefenbacher Group it is a rewarding experience to give back to the community. Our culture of caring is fundamental to achieving our goal of significantly improving the daily lives of people around the world. In the future we will continue promoting education and health in various community engagement projects that are in line with our values and beliefs.

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